Useful website list 2019

Useful website list 2019

usful website list

In today’s time, there is a lot of websites on the internet. You will find more than one website in each category.
In such a way, it is difficult to know which website is useful to you or not.
That’s why we have prepared a list of useful websites 2019 for you, which will make your internet browsing even easier.

News websites

  1. The Indian express [visit here]
  2. News 18  [visit here]
  3. Ndtv news  [visit here]
  4. India today  [visit here]
  5. Business Standard [visit here]
  6. Aaj tak news [visit here]
  7. Khas khabar  [visit here]
  8. Patrika news [visit here]
  9.  [visit here]
  10. Nav bharat times [visit here]

Tecnology websites

  1.  [visit here
  2. [visit here]
  3. [visit here]
  4.   [visit here]
  5.  [visit here]
  6.  [visit here]
  7.   [visit here]
  8.  [visit here]
  9.  [visit here]
  10.   [visit here]

Cooking websites

  1.  [visit here]
  2.   [visit here]
  3.   [visit here]
  4.   [visit here]
  5.   [visit here]
  6.  [visit here]
  7.  [visit here]
  8.     [visit here]
  9.   [visit here]
  10.  [visit here]

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